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Welcome to NORDCHEM

NORDCHEM is a privately held Canadian based company, focused on consultative approach to develop and service tailored-fit solutions to the mining industry.

NORDCHEM, your tailored mining solutions

We understand mining operations are facing new challenges, including new ore bodies with lower quality and harder to process mineralogies. Additionally, some ore bodies’ composition continuously change, which requires plant metallurgists to regularly adapt processing parameters, which often include chemical additives and application technology.

In order to assist in developing the optimized solutions to your challenges, NORDCHEM dedicates experienced engineers who understand your operation, and senior chemists that work in our technical centers to develop specialized solutions.

This development work is often carried out in partnership with our customer’s technical personnel, but is also extended by forging alliances with third party research centers and consultant firms.

The ultimate objective is to maximize performance and value for our customers.

NORDCHEM is committed to health, safety, and the environment. As such, we are continuously striving to develop greener and safer alternatives.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop the most optimized solutions to your industrial challenge!

Our technical personnel combine decades of experience servicing the mining industry. Our core premise is that we can always improve on existing technology.

A Culture of Quality and Safety

Highest Quality Innovative Solutions and Responsive Service:

Our quality commitment aims to provide the highest performance and highest consistency solutions. Our high quality also extends to our responsive service and the professional treatment to all parties involved.

Environmental mission:

Nordchem is committed to searching and promoting biodegradable alternatives to existing technologies. We strive to communicate responsible technology use to our customers, to optimize use and maximize its benefits.

Testimonials and References:

We encourage any future customer to please contact our technical sales personnel for work references in the mining industry.

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